The Bizarre World of Captain Schettino

While it's possible that Costa Concordia Captain Francesco Schettino will be convicted of manslaughter over the death of 32 cruise ship passengers, it's also important to remember something about a rush to judgment.

The respected news agency Reuters carried a story headlined "Italy cruise ship's captain tells survivors: I'm sorry". In the story, there is one line about the apology: "Two German survivors who attended the hearing said Schettino had shaken their hands and said he was sorry."

The headline makes it sound that Schettino apologized for what he did. Are we to believe that he would say that during a preliminary court appearance regarding his guilt or innocence? Is it possible that what Schettino simply said was he was sorry about what happened, no matter who was to blame?

Sometimes it seems the world is so anxious to convict the guy that it can't wait for a fair trial.

You don't think so?

In another report, carried by CNN, a lawyer said when Schettino appeared in court this week he looked "like he walked straight out of a GQ Magazine." And this has what to do with his guilt or innocence?

As if the entire proceedings aren't bizarre enough, here's another one:

Schettino, alleged to be the principal perpetrator of a crime by everyone from his own cruise line to the Italian Coast Guard to surviving passengers, has sued Costa Cruises for wrongful dismissal?

Like his guilt or innocence, that will also be determined.

In time.

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