Whale of an Invention for Seafarers

A story about a new app is, well, interesting.

Here's the story:

A new iOS app called Whale Alerts is designed to help mariners avoid collisions with endangered North American right whales by displaying whale locations on a real-time, digital map.

This raises several interesting points.

1. The news item is incorrect. An iOS is an operating system for Macs, sold by Apple and used on iBooks, iPhones, iPods and iPads. An IOS — note the capital "I" — is an Inter-Organizational System that involves the flow of information between two (or more) organizations. In this case, between a ship and a whale, although nobody told the whale about it. This is an Apple app, primarily for iPads, but not an operating system.

2. To help all of us who do not know right whales from wrong whales, this enables all of us to be better educated. They are "baleen" whales — hey, one lesson a bog is enough — that are called "right" because they're the right ones to hunt. The reason they're the right ones is they float when killed, swim near land and are not shy about approaching boats. Well, that's one theory, which by some is more of an old wives' tale…or an old fisherman's tale. Endangered? Only 400 are left.

3. While it's hard to imagine that the captain of a cruise ship would find this gizmo useful, there is a rumor circulating that its real purpose on cruise ships is to locate the guys who make too many visits to the buffet.

Whale Finder, right?

Carnival Sensation
4 nights
September 30, 2012
Port Canaveral (return): Freeport, Nassau
Inside: $189
Cost per day: $47


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