Costa Calls 'Fore' More Golf

It’s getting so you can do virtually everything on a cruise ship, and some of it virtually. Take golf, which this couple has been studying for more years than you want to know. Take Costa Cruises, the company that’s mixing golf and cruising in a big way.

On two ships, the Costa Deliziosa and the Costa Luminosa, guests can practice with a golf simulator that projects them into a world-class course (think Pebble Beach or St. Andrews), take a private lesson and play a course designed by Ernie Els, in Dubai. No golf withdrawal on the cruise ship here.

It’s not cheap, of course, but it’s unique…and everybody knows golfers will pay almost anything for something that’s unique in the game they love.

Costa is testing the waters, so to speak, with golf shore excursions this summer in Norway. The first foray into Dubai comes when the Deliziosa and Luminosa reposition to the Middle East from Italy in December.

Now, if only they could guarantee you’d be able to swing like Ernie Els

That’s it, we’re done.

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