Once a Millennium, Celebrity Millennium

We met less than two years ago. If it wasn't love at first sight, it was at least affection. She was a beauty, and she introduced us to all kinds of nice people. A helpful Puerto Rican named Leo…a friendly Colombian named Sandy…an old friend from Little League days…the Panama Canal…and Saravan the Sommelier, the best at his craft we've ever met.

No wonder we like the Celebrity Millennium.

Now here she is, just 12 years old, and they say she needs a facelift. She's going in April 22 to get Solsticized, in Celebrity speak, and when she emerges next month she'll be better than ever.

Hard to imagine.

What may be better is what she can introduce us to next, and that would take some doing, too. After making another west-bound trip through the Canal, the Millennium is making a 5-night wine cruise from San Diego to Vancouver. There is no mention of Saravan.

Then she's spending the summer in Alaska, or going back at forth from her new Canadian home. There are worse ways to spend a summer, Millennium or not. In the fall, when she heads south again…another wine cruise. This one takes 8 nights. That sounds better than the first…wine is meant to be consumed slowly, and savored. At least that's what Saravan says.

Two more trips through the Panama Canal, and then the Millennium's off to Hawaii and points beyond. That would be across the Pacific in 20 days, to Sydney, followed by 17 more seeing the ports of Australia on the way to Singapore.

If this all sounds delightful and romantic and desirable, that's probably because it is, even if it isn't do-able for most of us.

But remember, it is the Millennium at her best.

Holland America Veendam
7 nights
September 22, 2012
Boston, Bar Harbor, Halifax, Sydney, Charlottetown, St. Lawrence Seaway, Quebec City, Montreal
Inside:  $1,039
Cost per day: $148

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