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OK, I get it. I’ll put it down.

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Some hockey wisdom from hockey giants

My dad, Bob Dunn, used to be a sports journalist. He had the 1960s storybook experience of starting as a paper boy in Winnipeg at the Tribune, getting on doing odd jobs in the news room, and managing to work himself into a desk job and, eventually, up to a position as a columnist not only at the Trib, but also at the Vancouver Sun, the Montreal Star, Sports Illustrated and for Reader’s Digest, if you can imagine. He now writes a cruising blog six times a week, and he’s still a talented writer.

Since Gareth, who’s now eleven, is a thrice-weekly hockey player, we’ve had our share of experiences of the hockey mom/dad/coach, though thankfully few. Dad sent this old article he wrote, somewhere around 1985, with some opinions on hockey fundamentals from legends of the game, Scotty Bowman, Howie Meeker and Ken Dryden, three men who my dad had the opportunity to interview a number of times over the course of his career. While some of the info is dated, I thought it worthwhile to share…

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Fabulous ad

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Couldn’t not post this

From former friend/drummer of Dill, John Androsky:

200 year old native fishing trail crossroads along the Skeena River.

I was walking along this trail down to the Skeena with a friend singing, “Mud stuck deep in the treads of my boots with an old friend as my guide/ as the sun wrapped round my head that day to embrace the parting sky/ oh,oh hey Mr. Mountain hey Mr. Mountain/ I don’t know where I’ve been/ somewhere lost in the city’s lights/ but here I’m home again. . .” on August 1st during a much needed 5 day break.
I’ve never forgotten the laughs and days of band-aid boy and the bass player with the uncanny ferry karma.

He remains in my mind as the amazing gifted artist the I had the pleasure/injury to work and laugh with.

I’ll be saying a prayer tonight. Thank you for passing along the word.

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Sometimes, life, it sucks.

Tonight I got really, really shitty news.

My long-ago friend, Darrin Eck, known to many as Dill, passed away this week in his sleep. Dill and I spent years playing together as Dill and the Big Cheese Band — a severely kick-butt children’s band, based out of Nanaimo. We played all over BC, and even did a brief tour in Newfoundland. We started playing together when I was a young scrogg of 18, were business partners for two years after I moved to Ontario, and continued to play together until the year Gareth was born, almost eight years later. Dill even performed at our wedding along with the mega-talented Shelley Chase.

Those who knew us both, knew that our relationship (as well as Dill’s path through life) was — well, complicated, to be concise. We had a lot of good times, and a lot of not-as-good times. I cannot, however, ever, ever be more emphatic in saying that the world has lost a truly gifted musician and songwriter. I’m attaching a few of his pieces here for you to experience his kick-assery, which I was lucky enough to record backing vocals, harmonica and bass guitar on.

RIP Dill. Too many thoughts words pass through my head to write down. Know that you’ll be greatly missed.

Everybody Wins

Soul Purpose

Three Good Rises

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